Dr. Goodman was attentive and hears me out. I feel comfortable with him, and I am looking forward to more sessions with him.

Very good counselor/therapist.

David is a fantastic therapist. I had my doubt about therapy generally but after a couple of sessions with Dr Goodman I really started to understand why I was feeling the way I was. I really benefited from our weekly sessions and have learnt skills that will help me deal with some of my challenges for years to come! Thank you, Dr Goodman.

Dr. Goodman has been very responsive and helpful. He has provided me with valuable insight as I look to find solutions for the challenges I am facing.

Dr. Goodman is very empathetic and listens closely to my concerns and offers tools to help me handle daily stressors as well as be a better version of myself.

My first session with Dr. Goodman went much better than I had expected. He made me feel very safe and allowed me to express my thoughts and concerns freely. I needed someone to listen to me, and he did that wonderfully. I am more hopeful now, that Dr. Goodman will be able to help me with my issues.

I was abandoned by a long-time therapist and came to Dr. Goodman afterwards. He’s done an amazing job at making feel safe in therapy as I try to unwind a mess of issues.

Great insight, experience, very positive and supportive!

He made me feel heard and validated. He’s the right fit for anyone that’s in need of self-help. Very kind and accepting.

In the short time I worked with Dr. Goodman he helped me so much, I will admit that I definitely looked forward to our meetings. He was so amazing and after a while I didn’t see him as just a therapist, I saw his as a friend. I would talk about him whenever to got the chance, the difference that he made on my life was amazing (I’m starting to tear up just writing this). I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking into this program 🙂

I enjoy my sessions with Dr. Goodman!

Dr. Goodman has provided advice and tools to help me be a more patient and supportive and understanding parent. Together, we have helped my son through ADHD related school anxiety and depression.

Dr. Goodman is so validating and reaffirming of my newfound autistic identity. I feel really heard and understood during our sessions.

He has been amazing at helping our son and family!

Dr. Goodman is amazing! Tries to understand your background so he can help you with your issues in a way that’s actually doable for you! He has great insight as to why some things happen and is very comforting when discussing difficult topics. Great therapist and person!

My mental health has improved tremendously with Dr. Goodman’s help. He listens and understands my issues and provides great advice on how to solve them. I want to say I owe a lot to Dr. Goodman and anyone seeking therapy wouldn’t go wrong with choosing him as their therapist.

Dr. Goodman is incredibly helpful, supportive, and reliable. I am very grateful for his help in my mental health journey.

Dr Goodman is an incredible psychologist and has helped my husband and I more in 2 months than any other psychs have in 15 years. He was able to finally assure my husband that he does have depression, which, in turn, has helped him move forward and accept Dr Goodman’s help and implement all of his suggestions. He was clearly able to articulate how alcohol has played a part in his depression and has given both myself and my husband tools for how to deal with his depressive days (which used to be weeks before we started talking to Dr Goodman!). We cannot recommend him highly enough!

Very Happy with expertise and delivery.

He is great! Love his ability to fit us in when times are tough

I believe in his experience and knowledge that he can help my son as well as myself in dealing with my son in a way that is truly beneficial.

Dr. Goodman is one of the best! I feel like he really truly cares. He is always able to remember my main concerns and really helps me stay on track for the week!

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