Module 1: Figure out what you want

When we start to develop a manifestation mindset, it starts to feel more possible to do big things and achieve big goals. We’re now living life by new rules—rules that have us prioritizing growth, positive experiences, and creating our own future. This is fantastic. But it can also leave us wondering, “What, exactly, is the future that I really want?”

We probably have generic manifestation goals like, ‘I want to be happier’, ‘I want to make more money’, or ‘I want to be successful’. That’s a great place to start. But if we want to manifest a life that makes us happy, we’re going to need to go a lot deeper than that.

Successful manifestation requires that you know what you really want, know why you want it, and have clearly defined steps that will help get you there. Unfortunately, most of the goal-setting tools out there skip straight to goal setting without knowing your ‘what’ or ‘why’. So then let’s start there first.

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